Victoria Beckham Fall 2018 Bags: Worth A Look or Two

If you’re born in 1995 or aren’t old enough for a glass of bubbly, the name “Spice Girls” is probably an abstract idea of an oldies pop band that pops up in YouTube and Instagram memes. But do you truly have an appreciation of the evolution of the coolest girl squad, ever?!

Growing up, Baby Spice’s happy demeanor and bright wardrobe staples became a favourite of a gazillion girls – myself included. As I got older, my tastes changed and suddenly the front runner in the style stakes became Posh Spice.

This year, the Spice Girls got mentioned on my daily news, I can’t remember what about but it ended with, “Who’s your favourite Spice Girl?”. The news presenter replied ‘Posh’. It was plain as day that she shared the same clean and feminine aesthetic that Victoria Beckham is well known for, an aesthetic that many of us have converted to since the Spice Girl’s hey day. 

Morphing from pop industry past to highbrow fashion doesn’t happen too often with success, but I think it did in this case because of Beckham’s deep involvement in the design process. 

When I checked Tina’s Instagram,  I noticed the Victoria Beckham Eva bag getting some serious attention from a swan. I don’t blame you Swan. The Eva bag, most likely named after Victoria’s longtime close gal pal (Eva Longoria) is the kind of bag that would cohere with today’s on-the-go life; the shoulder straps can be double-looped or left long, and has a silent calling to be worn in urban areas. It prompted me to ogle other bags from Beckham’s eponymous brand, which you can find below. In an era of outrageous Instagram posts and dressing like clowns, VB bags offer a delightful sight for our (very) sore eyes. Don’t you agree? Whether it’s structure you’re craving or a perfectly slouched tote- if you’re crazing subtle elegance- look no further!


Black Eva Cross Body Bag



Duvet Shopper


Black North/South Tote

Burgundy Quinton Bag



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