Vita Fede Double Earrings: Two is Better than One

Vita Fede Double Earrings

The design of most earrings focuses solely on the way they appear on the front of your lobes. This is a little lazy, no? If your hair is up, then the back is almost as visible as the front, a fact that Vita Fede’s Cynthia Sakai acknowledges and designs with in mind! My latest obsession from the label is her Double Cubo earring, a 24k gold-plated brass and Swarovski-encrusted update on the single Cubo earring. Twice as nice, right? She’s also given fans of the Titan something to double up on with these silver-plated brass cones. I’m not the only one taking notice of Cynthia’s talents, either. Elizabeth Banks recently sported the Futturo Cut Out Ring ($275 on Revolve Clothing) for her Hunger Games: Catching Fire photocall in London. The fanned out design was the perfect complement to her Effie-esque McQueenicon (at Neiman Marcus for $2,955). Put it at the top of your holiday list, but sadly we’ll have to wait for the earrings! They’re due in early 2014. Double Cubo earrings ($750) and Double Titan earrings ($565) to be available on Vita Fede.

Vita Fede Double Earrings

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