Vita Fede Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff: Doubling Down

Vita Fede Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff

In my twenties I got my belly button pierced. I know, I know – what a cliché! There was just something rebellious about having it done that attracted me. When I got pregnant, I figured it was time to take it out, and there’s been a little scar there ever since, a memento of my carefree days. I’m not thinking of having it redone, but I have been thinking about a double piercing for my ears. No, I’m not having a midlife crisis! Just feeling a little nostalgic. Many suggested I go to Claire’s, but since I’m not 13, I found an alternative – a beautician from India who’s been piercing for over 15 years. Hey, it was either this or Botox, and I’m just not ready for that! I love the results and have been playing around with all sorts of different looks, my favorite being these Vita Fede crystal ear cuffs. Wear them together, or if symmetry’s not your thing, sport a solo earring. The half moon shapes line the bottoms of your ears in shimmering Swarovskis, while the hooks at the top of each cuff keep them perfectly in place. Do you like my new look? Vita Fede Half Moon crystal ear cuff available in silver or rose gold on Vita Fede for $250.

Vita Fede Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff

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