Vitamix Launches S30 Personal Blender


I can’t imagine life pre-Vitamix at this point, but it is an investment both in monetary terms and in terms of space – especially if you live in a New York City apartment. Now the brand has launched a new product – something they rarely do – with the release of the S30 Personal Blender ($399.95). As someone who has tendency to over-indulge (I’m fine if I don’t start but once I get started on a smoothie or avocado chocolate pudding….I can’t stop…), I would take the new smaller machine over the larger one even if it wasn’t less expensive. It’s just as powerful and it’s still big enough that you’d get at least one serving out of whatever you make, but it has built-in portion control, plus it’s designed to be portable for on-the-go convenience. Again you simply can’t compare the horsepower of the Vitamix to any other blender even popular ones like the NutriBullet. It can literally turn cups of peanuts into peanut butter in seconds! Plus it’s self-cleaning and can be used to make frozen or hot concoctions.

It’s important that you use a high quality blender that does not heat up the enzymes in your fruits and vegetables as it’s pulling apart the fibers. I also am a big advocate of blending over juicing. When you’re juicing, you are not getting much, if any, fiber as the process extracts only water and nutrients from the produce. Without said fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb the nutrients allowing everything to be absorbed into your bloodstream quickly, causing a rapid spike in blood sugar; this is why so many juice cleanses claim to give your digestive system a break. While this may be helpful if you’re having digestive issues, most people really need more fiber in their diet! Plus fiber helps provide a steady release of nutrients into the bloodstream and fills you up. Also blending is less messy since you’re using the whole fruit skin and all, which also make it cost-effective and faster. You’re also getting all the fiber and that fiber is easier to digest than eating fruits and vegetables whole as the fiber is broken apart in the blender.

If you’re going to invest in a blender – go big or go home with the Vitamix.

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