Would You Wear a Jumpsuit to the Gym?

Would You Wear a Jumpsuit to the Gym?

If you had asked me if I’d ever wear a jumpsuit to the gym before seeing Alala’s Bondi jumpsuit ($195) I would have said heck no! This one, however, is fantastic and it’s the only one I’ve ever tried on that is roomy yet doesn’t leave me looking like I’m carrying extra pounds (or wearing a potato sack!). Of course it’s not meant for a sweaty, all-out HITT workout, but for light days when I’m going straight from the gym to the beach or to a cafe, this is perfect. I can comfortably lift and power walk – even jump rope – and not have to carry a change of clothes. There also is never excess fabric getting in the way of my workouts, which is nice for those days when you want to look cute but just don’t feel up to the whole tight spandex situation. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv and my gym there is located on the beach; it’s really perfect for the summer lifestyle. The jumpsuit’s super comfortable and I can eat bloat-inducing foods (tahini, falafel, babka…you name it), and that still won’t show because it has an adjustable waist band along with mesh detailing. Plus while I’ve worn it to the gym you can easily style it up and wear it out at night. In fact, I often wear the brand’s bottoms out at night when I want to keep it comfy and casual, but still pulled together. Watch out Lululemon…

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  1. Phyllis Kosminsky
    April 28, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    Thanks Sharon! I took your suggestion, and this is a great jumpsuit.

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