Web Snob for September 29, 2006

Rachel at Stylebites put together this week’s Web Snob, thank you Rachel!:


Sugar cookies, Bawls, and hottie-hot UPS men all made their debuts at Fashion Week as Aesthetics + Economics tells us.

Looking forward to the weekend and kicking off those heels? The Trashionista reports on spring’s most laid back footwear trend.

My darling, the Beauty Addict, has two mentions this week as she brings us both a fantastic overview of her experience during the Fashion Week “circus” and info on the latest FAA regulations and what it will mean for your handbag.


Over at Fashion Tribes, a podcast on couture clothing details caught my eye.

Had enough of NYC Fashion Week? Then take a look into Chicago’s at Second City Style’s blog.

Lauren at Second City Style decodes one of the season’s big color trends, purple.


Ask Fashion Kitty tells us how a computer can crunch numbers and come out with which celeb you look the most like. What’s funny is the people I look like are all celebs I actually like, Sammi Cheng for example (I know you don’t know who she is but she’s huge in Hong Kong), my Bag Snob partner has always told me I looked like her and now the computer has proven her right. The Bag Snob apparently is also a dead ringer for long legged Stacy Kiebler (I wish I had those legs!). The computer does not account for your race by the way, it’s all about the facial bone structure, very entertaining!

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