Wet Bikini Bag

Dear Bag Snob,

I own several beach/summer tote bags because I practically live at the Soho House pool in the summer and like to keep a change of outfit in my bag in case friends call to meet up for drinks. My problem is I don’t know what to do with my wet bathing suit! I’ve been keeping it inside a plastic bag in my purse which is totally gross and trashy but it beats sitting in rush hour traffic to get to my apartment in mid-town to change. Do you have any suggestions? I love your blog and agree with the London Guardian, this is the best website EVER! It’s the mother of all blogs!


Bikini Babe

wet bikini bag.jpg

Dear Bikini Babe,

We love hanging out poolside at the Soho House whenever we’re in town as well! (we’re the chicks using our birkins to tote sunscreen and trashy novels). We totally understand your dilemma and have the ultimate solution to your problem. The “Wet Bikini Bag” is every bikini babe’s must have! It has an inner plastic lining so our wet bikini won’t seep through and damage our Hermes wallet while we drink champagne in the bar. Best of all, it has lots of glittery and sparkly embellishments so we can be stylish while being practical! It’s available at Wrapables.com for $21.95, ground shipping is only $5 so get yours today!


The Bag Snob

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  1. K
    June 29, 2006 / 12:37 pm

    Oh, I need this for swimming class with my daughter. I never know what to do with our wet bathing suits. Perfect!

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