What is Olaplex and why are colorist swearing by it?

I was getting my hair colored while on vacation in Germany when I first heard about Olaplex. The colorist swore by it, but said that because of the price to import it she doesn’t use it often on clients (she used the treatment product on my hair). My hair looked great after the visit, but it kind of always does post-salon treatment so I forgot about our conversation till a few weeks ago when I was on line to pay at Sephora and noticed the brand among the products lining the checkout area. Some Google searching let me to discover that Olaplex has some serious cult love among professional colorists around the world!

The system has three components: shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. They retail for $28 each and work together as a system. There’s a salon-only version to these products as well, which you can get on Amazon. I am a huge fan of Kerastase and Living Proof, and now I can safely add this line to the list! Like Living Proof, there is serious science behind the effectiveness of this line. The conditioner is especially amazing because it goes on thick to moisturize but isn’t heavy. As a system I could really tell that my hair looked healthier after just 2-3 weeks (I used the conditioner daily and the other two products twice a week). If you color your hair, and especially if it’s damaged, checkout this line! There is clearly good reason so many colorists swear by it. I hope they come out with more products…

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