Who we’d be if we can’t be our fabulous selves

This week’s topic for the Carnivale of Couture, hosted by Shoelover, is to choose a fashion “celebrity” to exchange lives with and to be honest, The Bag Snob can not think of anyone more fabulous to be than “The Bag Snob”!

But since we’re part of this fabulous blogging tribe, we decided to let go of our vanities and choose our favorite rock and roll fashionista, Gwen Stefani. We all know there is nothing cooler than being a Rock Star, but a rock star who is also a Movie Star is even better. To top it all off, she’s also a Fashion Designer and gets to do the cat walk thing at the end of each show and take a bow! Now that is a Bag Snob fantasy!

All that aside however, we have to say the real reason we want to be Gwen Stefani is so we can wake up next to her super gorgeous husband Gavin Rossdale every morning. Now that is worth trading in all of our birkins for.

gwen and gavin 2.jpg


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