Whole Me: Delectable Healthy Snacks

Whole Me

I’m always looking for healthy snacks to keep me away from cookies, ice cream, cake….because if there is food around that has sugar in it I will want to eat it no questions asked! Usually though I’ll munch on the healthy snacks and even if they’re good I still won’t be able to shake my need for something naughty and sweet. Whole Me however is so satisfying even if Ben & Jerry’s were healthier I’d still crave their products. The brand doesn’t make many products, but the ones they make taste AMAZING. The pictures really don’t do them justice. Even their lemon flavored clusters are delicious – and I hate lemon. The clusters are lemon poppy though so they remind me more of a pound cake-type flavor. None of the products have any artificial flavors or preservatives and all the ingredients are clean and clearly labeled (no sketchy ingredients you won’t recognize). Do note that these products aren’t necessarily particularly low in calories – or even sugar – but the calories and sugar are coming from things like dates and coconuts, which is very different from calories and sugar coming from high fructose corn syrup and all kinds of other additives. I have tried all of Whole Me’s products and I can’t pick a favorite…seriously, buy them all. Even your kids or unhealthy spouse will love them!

Whole Me

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