Workout clothes that make it easier to workout in the summer heat

I’m one of those people who works out harder when I’m surrounded by people. If I’m more or less alone at an off-peak hour at gym I pretty much just sit around listening to music and playing on my phone! I see my personal trainer 2 or 3 times a week and I’ve been spending more and more time on the days I’m not training with him working out outdoors doing bootcamp-style workout class.

What to wear when you’re sweating buckets outdoors?

Like most people my first instinct is always black, especially for bottoms. Most colors and prints leave you looking like you peed in your pants if you sweat a lot. Unfortunately as you probably know black clothes absorb all wavelengths of sunlight and converts them into heat meaning you feel even hotter. White/light clothes reflect all wavelengths of light, so the light is not converted into heat and your temperature ins’t really effected.

With that in mind I’ve rounded up some fashionable clothing and shoe picks you can comfortably workout in no matter how warm the temperatures get. Starting off with my absolute favorite new bra. I just ordered it (it’s so comfortable I have three of this style in different colors) and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s pictured above and called the Cross Back Bra ($65).  I’m pretty self-conscious but when I workout outside I usually do so in just a sports bra. This style is perfect because I don’t feel overly “exposed.”

Alala Captain Ankle Tight, $110 – these bottoms go great with the above sports bra. They also have the perfect amount of compression. I have this style in a few prints and colors (Alala is always updating them) so I can say with certainty that you can wash them 1000000 times and they’ll be like new each time.

Sweaty Betty Kenza Workout Crop Tank, $70 – such a fun and unique design! The top also has a matching bottom ($85)

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3, $99.99 – I’ve only worn these five times, but they’re already a favorite. Even though they’re pretty cushioned, they’re breathable and lightweight. I don’t believe in minimalist running shoes, at least for myself – I’ve tried a few different pairs in the past and my knees never hurt more post-workout – and that’s with a coach watching my form. The other day I wore them for a one-hour outdoor workout and then spend a few hours post-workout running errands in them, even though my feet were pretty sweaty, they never got uncomfortable (or smelly…). I also used them for some pretty intense circuit training and they worked great (even though typically running shoes are not designed for lateral movement exercises). I know the Nike Flyknits and adidas Ultraboost are still popular, but in my opinion these are way more comfortable. I’ve worked out in both the Nike and adidas and got blisters. Price-wise these are also an awesome value.

Michi Avalon Zip Bra, $130 – this bra is black, but I wear it in the heat all the time. I love that it zips open in the front. After I’m all gross and sweaty it’s a breeze to take off.

Prismsport Classic Capri II in Bamboo Print, $84 – love this print! Bamboo is definitely a big trend this season (see Alala above…) and New Balance has a similar print that they’ve done with J. Crew…this one is my fave though.

Phat Buddha MTA, $72 – Phay Buddha is best known for their one-size-fits all bras and glitter leggings, but their print leggings are great too and relatively affordable compared to most other high0end athleisure brands.

Sweaty Betty Facet Swimsuit, $135 – Have you ever worked out in a swimsuit? It’s actually really comfortable (and on trend with the whole bodysuit craze…) especially because it means you can go bra-free. If you plan on going to the beach post workout just put on your swimsuit and pair it with leggings.

The North Face Ultra Cardiac, $110 – I had no idea The North Face made sneakers until they sent me this pair! Did you? Even though I’m workout obsessed my style isn’t sporty at all outside of the gym so I was never one of those girls who wore one of the brands omnipresent puffer jackets. They brand is known for quality when it comes to atheltive-wear however so I was excited to try one of their sneakers. The above style is made for road and trail runs. I don’t typically trail run but I tested these while running along the beach and they felt great – no “breaking in” required and they have a good amount of ventilation for how cushioned they are.

Big Papy Crop, $99 – I absolutely hated PE growing up, but I love PE Nation. This particular style is great for summer because of the ventilation in the back.

Tory Sport Striped Headband, $35 – such a cute way to keep sweat at bay! For tennis or any other outdoor athletic pursuit…

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