Workout overkill? Here’s how to ease the pain

Unless I’m on vacation I workout 6-7 times a week so post-workout stretching and recovery is imperative. I love infrared saunas, but I don’t always have the time to shlep downtown for it. Others swear by cryotherapy post intense workout – I’ve never tried it because literally nothing sounds worse than freezing myself! I don’t even think I’d try it if someone told me it would melt away 10 pounds (though ask me again post Thanksgiving…). There are other ways that scientists have looked into when it comes to relieving sore muscles, like drinking watermelon juice or eating blueberries. Personally, while I love both, I don’t think they did anything for my tired legs.

What does help besides stretching post workout (stretch…even if just two minutes!) is taking an enriched epsom salt bath. What the heck does that mean? Well for starters epsom salt has been shown to help alleviate muscle pain when combined with hot water. It reduces swelling and improves circulation because the salt’s minerals are quickly and effectively absorbed through the skin – you will find near instant relief. I go beyond that though. I add either essential oils or soaks based on my mood. I am OBSESSED with Salt by Hendrix. They make the most amazing products. Not only do they smell great, they work fantastic, and look gorgeous. They make for awesome hostess gifts or stocking stuffers come the holidays as well.

While I like combining epsom with the salts from Salt by Hendrix, you could use them on their own. For example, the Matcha soak, which is designed to hydrate, is formulated with Dead Sea salts. Epsom salts are just magnesium – Dead Sea salt has magnesium plus a bunch of other minerals. They also make a variety of other body and skincare products.

Another great tip, especially if you’re realllly sore, is to head to Strech*d . It’s a new place opened by, among others, the founder of SLT. I went for a 25 minute stretch and I literally felt like a new person. I swear it’s better than a 60-minute massage.

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