Workwear That Won’t Give You the Post-Vacation Blues

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is over. Since July I’ve been yearning for an end to the 100-degree days, but now that they’re gone (well, kind of, it is still Texas) I’m not quite ready for reality. There’s nothing quite like unpacking my vacation outfits for the last time and swapping them out for everyday workwear to keep me grounded.

Never fear: the perfect remedy for the back to work blues is a little wardrobe refresh. Because despite the back-to-work blues it brings on, I love workwear. It has the uncanny ability to make me feel like I’m living my very best, high-powered life even when the meetings are less than riveting. A perfectly pressed white blouse really is one of the greatest fashion achievements of all time.


Fendi Panelled Leather Midi Skirt, $2,890


REJINA PYO Elliot jacket $739


PRADA Pleated checked wool-blend wide-leg pants, $1,560


Givenchy Blouse with Contrast Tie, $1,100



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