YLIN Cashmere: Après-Ski Bunny

YLIN Cashmere

Heading to the slopes for New Year’s? Ski trips and the clothes they entail often leave you feeling puffed up like a marshmallow, even indoors by the fire. Yet these sleek black cashmere leggings will keep you looking good and thanks to their cozy fleece lining, staying warm, which is something you do not want to sacrifice when you’re standing in freezing wind. Designer Yuwei Lin has a masterful way of turning basics (think easy blouses and LBDs) into something more exciting. Just take this snow white back bow cashmere cardigan (with the leggings, it makes for the perfect après-ski outfit!) – what could have been a simple sweater became much more when lined down the back with three ladylike bows. You’ll be the cutest snow bunny in the lodge. Now all you need is a ticket to Vail and a set of skis! YLIN cashmere leggings ($325) and cardigan ($295) at YLIN.

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