You can now get your probiotics in chip form 


There are so many things no one tells you about being pregnant… one of them being that morning sickness is a total misnomer; I’m literally nauseous all day, every day! Second being regular is a serious challenge. Not only are cravings through the roof so your diet isn’t what it usually is, but your hormones are going wild. I’m usually super diligent about having six GG crackers a day so that I ensure I get enough fiber in my diet, but the thought of them now that I’m pregnant makes me sick, so I did a deep dive into probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods. Probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut, while prebiotics are what’s in fiber – they work together to boost the growth of that good bacteria. The long and short of it is that they are super important for keeping digestion on track. I take a pre/probiotic supplement daily, but I was so excited to learn about this company, Farmhouse Culture, that makes kraut krisps! Basically you can now get good-for-your-gut/digestion bacteria in chip form! They have a Dill Pickle flavor, which totally aligns with pregnancy cravings. I eat them out of the bag or I break up the chips and sprinkle them on my salad. So tasty.
Another product I wanted to highlight is a yogurt. Yogurt is one of the most common sources of pre/probiotics, so it’s not a shocker but as most of you probably know many are loaded with added sugars and preservatives, which is why I love Lavva. No added sugars, gums, or flavors and each is made only with plant-based real food ingredients like coconut and plantains. I love the Vanilla. It’s flavorful but not strong and one of the few things besides crackers, chips, and butter cookies that doesn’t make me nauseous right now! I love adding in chopped up pieces of fruit to boost the fiber.
Lastly, I’m dying to try these Brussels Sprouts chips from Dada. They’re clean and loaded with 5 grams of fiber. Judging from the ingredients they also have an Asian twist which I’m sure is delicious (coconut aminos is a soy sauce alternative). Dada, founded by Fivestory’s Claire Olshan, has been getting a ton of buzz lately. Kudos to Olshan for making healthy snacking as chic as it should be!
What are your favorite ways to load-up on gut-boosting foods?

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