You’re as Good as Gold: Future Heirlooms to Cherish Now

You’re as Good as GoldWhether hexagon or oval, Jade Trau’s carved signet rings ($1,760) are customizable gifts that can honor everyone from the recipient to one of their loved ones. To make it a true heirloom, select the initial of the family’s last name, so your present may be passed down from one wearer to the next.

Gold has been capturing the desires of people for thousands of years (did you know the earth’s gold likely originated from colliding stars?!), and for good reason. Timeless and sophisticated, no metal is more alluring, and only real gold will do. Especially when it comes to the appeal of richly sunny, glistening yellow-gold. I have always been told that as an investment, gold is simply unparalleled. That’s why it’s time to celebrate Cyber Monday in glimmering style by collecting future heirlooms today.

From Jade Trau’s uniquely personal signet rings to Georg Jensen’s finely crafted bangles to Temple St. Clair’s perfectly chunky linked bracelets and Zoe Chicco’s diamond-decked stud earrings, forget the plated pieces (they only fade anyway) and get serious. There’s a galaxy of commitment-worthy gold to discover now and wear forever.

You’re as Good as GoldI love to shop abroad, but sometimes shopping requires just a mere click! Snap up a few of Georg Jensen’s diamond-accented gold and rose gold bangles ($4,350 each) for a stacked look.

You’re as Good as GoldTemple St. Clair’s Celestial collection chain bracelet ($13,500) is the perfect gift for a Snob with her head in the stars.

You’re as Good as GoldNot looking to break the bank? A little flash of gold, courtesy of Zoe Chicco’s geometric triangle ($200) or nugget studs ($240), is all you need!

You’re as Good as GoldJade Trau’s chunky necklace ($9,020) is simple enough to layer with, while remaining complex enough to dangle on its own.

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