Zen basil is the new chia seed: here’s everything you need to know

When a ready-to-eat food product is both versatile and has zero net carbs – I’m automatically intrigued. Zen Basil is a new high fiber product that will put your chia seeds to shame! They’ve got all the same properties in terms of texture and how they expand with liquid, but with way more health benefits. To boot, the woman who brought these seeds to market, Shakira Niazi, donates 3% of net sales to support lack of safe water projects around the world. The seeds work just as well in a chia-style pudding as they do on salads or added to your cookies/muffins to boost fiber. I reached out to Niazi to find out about this new superfood. Note you can checkout Tanya Zuckerbrot and Neda Varbanova‘s Instagram pages for great ideas on using these seeds in recipes.

What exactly is Zen Basil and what are some of the benefits compared to chia?
“Zen Basil is 1st to market with the most nutritious, USDA Organic Certified edible basil seeds.  I started Zen Basil with my son to bring this beloved superfood from far east to the west, because when we share our healthy options, we are actually bridging our worlds for the better. For thousands of years, this superfood has been revered for its health promoting properties by natural healers and Ayurveda.

Basil seeds look like chia and hydrate in liquid (water, milk, juice) just like chia, but in a g/g comparison to chia, Zen Basil seeds have nearly 2X the fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iron, then chia. Studies show that just 1gram of hydrate basil seed has enough antioxidants to absorb up to 15% of free radicals in our body.  Another key properties of basil seed is that, studies show hydrated basil seeds has 21% soluble fiber vs chia just 2%.  Basil seed are a great source of prebiotic fiber which feeds our own body’s natural probiotic, a key for our gut health. The most fascinating aspect of basil seed is, its ability to help you produce and release your own natural collagen to beautify your skin.  The seeds are also lectin-free (unlike chia), gluten and Keto-friendly, kosher certified, anf packed in an allergy free (nut free) facility in California.”

How does it taste and what can it be used in/for?
“There is not much of any taste, it simply picks up the flavors you mix in your smoothie, breakfast bowl, soup, salad, pudding, drinks, jams, muffins, waffles, bagels, dressings and sauces.  See here for some great recipes! My favorite recipe is simply hydrating one tablespoon of Zen Basil seeds with 1/2 cup of water, it hydrates in 5 min, adding a cup of yogurt and then adding whatever is in my pantry for topping: banana/dates/sunflowers seeds/almonds/walnuts/peanut better & honey.”
Why is it called Zen Basil?
“We called it Zen Basil, because we are what we consume.  I believe, when we eat good, we feel good and we’re motivated to do more good.  Zen Basil seeds will help us feel good with its healing properties to cleanse our body from from toxins, only then we can feel the positive energy from all its nutrition and that’s when we will find our own clarity with love, health and peace.”

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