Zhoosh up any thanksgiving with these food deliveries

I don’t like to cook and, since my mother is amazing at cooking, I don’t get involved Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a memorable contribution. I’ve rounded up some of the best options to make a memorable splash no matter what your Thanksgiving plans are. And no, I’m not just talking about a classic pie! Though there is that too in the options below…

The two images above are from Goldbelly, an amazing food delivery service. Basically they make local foodie favorites available to anyone. So if you’re in NYC but hail from some other state, now you can get that childhood pie or crab cakes or bagels you loved as a kid. They have a long list of favorites including Milk Bar and Ess-a-Bagel. As for pies they have dozens upon dozens ranging from classic to Oreo! I for one can’t wait to see the reaction to these cupcakes at the Thanksgiving table!

This is a great gift if you’re invited to join someone else’s Thanksgiving. Sugarwish let’s you customize a box of candies/chocolates that range from classic nostalgic ones to new ones you’ve likely never seen, and even boozy options! The assortment is constantly being updated.

I was dying to go to the Museum of Ice Cream when it had its pop-up in NYC this summer but the lines were insane!! Even to get into the gift shop the line was crazy! So I never got to experience swimming in a pool of sprinkles. Now, however, you can get key items from the museum online, like their chocolate bars, which make for another fun hostess gift. Varieties include: Vanillionaire, Sprinkle Pool, Pinata, and Churro Churro. If you’re in the San Fran area, they now have a permanent location there.

This Kusmi set may well be my favorite option. Odds are we’re all going to over-stuff ourselves over the holidays, at least we can try to mitigate the damage. At this point matcha has become so mainstream that it has lost its roots. Many places don’t even whisk the powdered green tea anymore! Take a mindful break post-feast, pre-dessert for some properly whisked matcha. Or use the matcha powder to give a dessert an antioxidant boost! This kit also comes beautifully packaged for a hostess gift.

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